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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Update from Jill

I spoke with mom this morning. She is in much better spirits than yesterday. Holli is stable. She is running a temperature, but all other vital signs are stable. She is trached and on the ventilator and in a coma. They are caring for her to the best of their ability, but many of her needs are not being met. We desperately need to get her stateside so she can get the care she needs. Please ask everyone you know to come to her blog and donate. The air ambulance to get her home will cost around $200,000. We need everyone to get the word out and rally one another to help Holli and her family. Just to give you an idea of the conditions of the hospital, my mother is having to go to the market to buy all of Holli's medications and even had to buy her trach there when she was trached. Mom said yesterday that there are sick people laying in the hallways, and as they were sitting outside the CCU (where Holli is being treated) there were rats running around their feet. Please, Please, Please, help us get Holli home!
Thank you so very much,
Always in Prayer


Jill said...

As the news of this situation is spreading, my mother and Aunt Diane want to make it clear that they are very thankful to the people of India and at all of the Indian hospitals for caring for Holli. Even at the hospital with the poor conditions, Holli was cared for with the very best of their ability. My mom and Diane are changed forever because of this trip. They hope to work stateside in the aftermath of this situation to help better the conditions of the public hospitals in India and help provide them with supplies needed to care for their patients. We realize how blessed we are in America and need to help those abroad.



jin kim said...

may God give holli fast speedy recovery.
my prayers are with you and your family.
jin kim from jamaica holli's school friend.