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Monday, March 23, 2009

A better day today

Diane said that Holli has had a much better day today. She has rested better and has not required as much pain medication. The staff got her up in a wheelchair and Diane took her outside. Diane said she slept through it all but tolerated it well :) Diane also said that they have worked out the details to having Holli sent to a rehab facility in San Francisco. If all goes well, this move could take place this week.

There was a question from an earlier post about Holli's condition and prognosis. Holli remains in a comatose state. She is however, doing more and more as time goes on. Brain injuries are very hard to predict and the waking up process is usually very slow. It is very rare for someone to just "wake up' from a brain injury. It is usually a slow progression from comatose to fully awake. When my brother had his brain injury, he was only able to make "cow-like" noises when he first awoke. It was several weeks before he was talking again, and even then he had to be taught how. We just simply don't know what Holli's prognosis is. No one does. It truly is a 'wait and see" situation. We do know that there is a good chance that she will be different, but just don't know what those differences will be. We are, however, very sure about the fact that whatever the outcome, Holli and her loved ones will be O.K.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. I certainly am no expert on brain injuries, but do know a little from my own experience with my brother's brain injury 7 years ago. Every case is different though, so it can only give us a small amount of insight into Holli's injury.


KennethSF said...

I'm a stranger to Holli. Well, I was--till I went to the fundraiser at Slim's a few weeks ago. Afterward, I suddenly realized what a special person she is.

The world is a better place because of Holli and her friends, because of the example of devotion and friendship they've shown us. Even though I've never met her, I feel I too have a vested interest in Holli's well-being.

I'm not a religious person, but I believe in Holli. I'm convinced she'll surprise us with a comeback, with her extrordinary strength and vitality. After all, she's shown us she's capable of inspiring miracles even in her half-waking state.

The Gyrovague said...

Not to be "overly and annoyingly spiritual" about it, but Holli has a special dispensation for her. I know because God has made that quite clear to me when praying for her. I consider it an honor to pray for her.

Can you update us a little bit on the financial needs? Is this rehab facility going to cost? What can we still give towards now that Holli is back in the states.

I am a little discouraged to not see the giving slide moving much as of late. Lets keep it moving if it is needed.

Jill said...

Wow. These posts brought tears to my eyes. Our prayer has been that God would be glorified throughout this whole experience, and we feel He has. We, her family, don't consider ourselves "religious" either. We do however, love our Father and have very strong faith. We feel there is a difference. We believe that God is love and want this love to be manifested through our lives. And Gyrovague, thank you for your prayers. We feel Holli is special too, and also feel that God has a plan for her and will use this accident to bring others to Him. We don't believe He caused this accident, but can use it.

The financial situation is still one of need. The bills incurred in India have not all been paid. Because of the nature of Holli's injury, she could possibly need care for quite a while. We are hoping that the rehab facility will be paid by financial assistance through the state of California. This process is not complete, however. Because of the length of her recovery and the fact that we don't know what her functional status will be, Holli will need a substantial 'nest-egg". As of now, once the current bills are paid, there will not be much left. Don't misunderstand though, we are VERY thankful for what has been collected and donated up until this point. We are very well aware that if not for everyone's extreme generosity, her mother would be shouldering the burden of these costs. Thank you for encouraging the donations to continue.

Gal Friday said...

I have not seen Holli since college.. She was my best and dearest friend then. She was like a sister to me. Being an only child myself, it made her that much more special to me. We lost contact about a year ago and it hurts me to think I could have lost such a dear part of my heart... I hope she knows I never stopped loving her and I look forward to telling her that myself in the near future.
I constantly think of her, as well as the rest of the family. You all have my undying love and support.