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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Latest update on Holli

Diane and mom just got done speaking with Holli's doctor. They meet with him every morning at 0830. He says that Holli is very stable. He has given her clearance to fly as soon as we can get it arranged. Mom says that her fever is improving. She was unable to have her MRI done yesterday due to an emergency that came in and required the equipment, so she is going this morning to get that done. Thank you once again for all the prayers and support. Lets continue to lift them all up in prayer until we can get them home.


P.S. Holli's sister Heather and step-father Doug were on the news tonight in Nashville. They told Holli's story. You can see that at www.wkrn.com. They did a wonderful job.


Dave "Til it HZ" Hale said...

Glad to help out. :) Our prayers are with Holli, and my family extends their love during this time.

Anonymous said...

Call the US Embassy. If anyone that can help
Expedite the process, it's the Embassy.

Even if they can get her to Landstuhl in Germany, she's much better off. It's a military hospital that deals with all manner of war related trauma. It may not be the optimal destination, but it's a timely solution to getting Holli professional care.


wick sakit said...

such good news! hollis and i ran in the same friend circle around 93 or 94 and then we met later on via burningman and realized we were in the same places then. she is a special person and harrison is as well in all of this. i wish you all godspeed and my prayers and healing energy are directed at this.

love rules all

Gregory said...

Contact Edward

Eliza is sending you all the information

Agent Chaos said...

Hello friends and family!
I just received word from Harrison that Hollis has been taken off the machine that was breathing for her and she is now just breathing un-pressurized oxygen on her own.
I wanted to let you know that the paypal on the friendsofhollis.blogspot.com has raised $26,200 so far and donations are pouring in.
Thanks to everyone who is keeping her in your hearts.

griff said...

I am a little disgusted about this story. We have an all-American girl in India on vacation with her boyfriend and were in an accident; unfortunately she was very seriously injured. I am in the Military and have been to a few other 3rd world countries and when there is a kid over there that is born with a defect, injured by and bomb, IED, fires, etc., we are quick to send money to get the help they need, but when it comes to one of ours, She is stuck in India in a small hospital on life support and a coma from it. It will cost 150,000.00 to fly her home India via MEDAVAC; this is a bunch of crap. Where are all those people that run out there to send money to those people in 3rd world countries, they are just hypocrites? I am ashamed to call us Americans, when we cannot take care of one of ours. I will pray and hope Holli makes it home.