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Monday, July 5, 2010

Discharged from Hospital

Today Holli was discharged from the hospital back to Madison Health care. She has a PIC line in that will stay for the next two weeks to receive IV antibiotics. Holli seemed glad to be back in her room but was very tired and just wanted to sleep so I left her alittle early tonight. I am needing some rest myself and hope to be able to recuperate in the next couple of days. I had forgotten what little sleep you get sleeping at the hospital. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.
Friday, July 2, 2010


Today makes a week that Holli has been in the hospital. She had a rough night and day with pain and nausea. She is finally resting comfortable this evening and was able to eat some supper without any problems. Holli had a PIC line put in her left arm this afternoon so she can continue to receive IV antibiotics for several weeks after we leave the hospital. She continues to run a low grade fever that they have been unable to identify the source. When her blood cultures were drawn she had already received a couple of antibiotics which can mask anything that might be growing. The doctor talked like we will be going back to Madison Health care this weekend. I should know more tomorrow.
Thursday, July 1, 2010

Feeling Better

Holli is doing better. Yesterday she was very talkative and laughing but today is very quiet and sleepy. She is still running a low grade fever even though she is getting 3 different antibiotics. An infection control physician is now seeing her trying to find the source. Her blood count is slowly improving but is still not in the normal range but at least is holding. Heather stayed with Holli last night so I could get some sleep. I never slept the night before because Holli had a restless night. I am back now and will be with her for the rest of her hospital stay. We don't know how long that will be before she is discharged. I am thankful that she is improving. While we are here she is being seen by speech, physical and occupational therapy which is wonderful. They sat her on the side of the bed yesterday and is working with her left hand coordination to help her learn how to brush her own teeth and wash her face. Today when they came in she was too sleepy to be able to do much but hopefully tomorrow she will be more awake.