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Friday, February 24, 2012

Three Year Anniversary

It was three years ago today that I got the chilling phone call that changed Holli and my lives. It is hard to think back and remember our journey. All the obstacles that she and I have both over come and also for my grieving my husband's death. In this process we have had many blessings bestowed upon us. I will never forget all the friends that I have meet and all the acts of kindness that was shown to us especially while I was away from home the first 6 months after Holli's accident. Holli has come so far....I thank the Lord for being with us every step of the way and for all His blessings. I am so blessed to have Holli home for the past year. We are both so much happier being home. She is still slowly progressing. It is thrilling seeing her standing with help and getting her body stronger. She talks and laughs more and more but of course she still gets agitated and will cuss you out in a heart beat!! Her favorite pass time are movies such as Muppets, Shriek, Scooby-doo or anything animated or musical. She loves to sing and will sing along with the movies or the music channel. I am once again trying to get her admitted to Shepherd's Center in Atlanta. She still needs aggressive therapy to help her continue to progress. Please keep us in your prayers about this next step in Holli's life. Thanks to everyone that has helped , prayed and supported us these past three years. I will never forget your acts of kindness.