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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday, September 29th

Just talked to Heather, Holli's sister, who is staying with Holli today along with her dad, Dick. Holli has had another good day today. They started yesterday turning off Holli's feeding during the day so she can have some freedom. Now we can lay her flat during this time and take her outside when she is up in the chair. Today Holli was put on the tilt table and she was tilted up to 70 degrees and tolerated it very well. Then she was put in the chair and Heather took her outside to get some sunshine and fresh air. The weather today is beautiful....a crisp fall day with blue skies. Heather told her when she was ready to go inside to lift her left arm. She was very content for about 30 minutes and then started lifting her left arm. Heather took her back in and they got her back in bed and she immediately fell asleep. She was tired from her very active afternoon. I will be back with Holli on Thursday and will be with her everyday until next Thursday. Doug, Heather and I will then be going to Chattanooga for my nephew's wedding. Holli's dad and family will be taking care of Holli during that time. I can't wait to see my family at the wedding.
Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good News

Today in speech therapy Holli was given yes and no signs and asked several questions. After each question she would take a moment and then move her left arm up and over and place it on the appropriate sign!! We are so excited...now we will be able to communicate better with her. This is another blessing and step in her road to recovery.
Tomorrow I meet with the Tennessee human services to apply for her long-term care financial benefits from the state. That is who will be paying for her stay at Madison Healthcare and Rehab. I asked for your special prayers.
Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday, September 18. 2009

Just wanted to let you know that I have also set up caring bridge site for Holli. The web address is www.caringbridge.org/visit/hollihawthorne . I will try to keep this site updated along with this blog.

Holli has had a good week except for a brief episode Monday of an elevated temperture. The urine culture came back negative and she has not had any more problems. Therapy has tilted her twice this week and she tolerated it fine. They only got her up to a 40 degree angle but will try to tilt her up more next week. She is moving her left arm more and more but still has not talked. She smacks her lips and yawns really big at times. She enjoys watching tv, especially the arts station.

Heather had it arranged for me to have 3 days at home this week. Holli's father, Dick and his family, Karen and Penny, Heather and my good friend, Meg helped stay with Holli those three days. It was nice being able to get some rest and errands taken care of which I am unable to do when I need to be here with Holli. I will be with her the rest of the week. The therapist said they thought that Holli missed me....I know I missed being out here with her and that I called alot checking on her.... thanks guys for putting up with me!

We have had alot of rain this week....4 inches so far and they are calling for possible rain this weekend. I missed seeing the rain in San Francisco but I have made up for it now! I am ready for sunshine.

Looking forward to seeing my sister, Deree, from Starkville, Ms this weekend. Her son plays football for Miss State and they play Vanderbilt here tomorrow night.

I also want to wish my Mom a very, very Happy 83rd Birthday tomorrow. Hope you have a great day! I love you.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

1st Week at Madison Healthcare and Rehab

Can't believe we have been home for a week. Holli seems to be adapting to her new environment. She is in a semi-private room but does not have a room mate at this time so we have a big room. I hope it stays that way so Holli can get her rest and have her quiet times. Physical and Occupational therapy are really excited about Holli and how she works really hard to do what is asked of her. I am so happy that she will be getting therapy 5 days a week and that they are being aggressive with her. That is exactly what she needs. My husband, Doug, decorated her room with the pictures, posters, etc. that was in her room at St. Luke's hospital. She can look on her wall next to her bed and see pictures of her friends back in San Francisco.
As for me, I am so happy to be home with my family and sleeping in a real bed! I usually come out everyday for now except Tuesdays, Heather stays with Holli, and stay until she gets her sleeping medication and sound asleep. I always have her music playing softly encase she wakes up during the night. It is hard for me to leave her but I know it is what I must do to keep myself going . I thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts.
Thursday, September 10, 2009

Video interview

To see the interview with Channel 4 go to www.wsmv.com and then under headlines- Antioch Grad back in Nashville.
Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tv Interview

Channel 4 in Nashville did a follow up interview with me, Heather, Doug and of course Holli. It will be aired at 10 pm tonight but will be on their web site tomorrow. www.wsmv.com. Thanks to Deanna Lambert for doing this story on Holli. I think Holli slept all the way through. She went to PT early this morning and they said she did great on the mat. She sat up in the chair all morning and was very tired this afternoon. Of course she is wide awake now that the tv crew is gone! I will keep you up dated on her progress.
Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Holli's New Home

Holli seems to be making the transition to Madison Healthcare Center fine. Everyone at the center has been very friendly and welcoming. The therapy team is very excited about working with Holli which makes me really happy. They plan to start standing her up on the tilt table this week.
Holli is in a semi private room but there is no one in the other bed so right now it is like having a big private room. Doug decorated her room today with all the posters, pictures, etc that she had at St. Lukes. It really made the room more personable.
Friends of Holli have been visiting everyday. It is good to have her friends and family there with her to give her love and support. Tomorrow we have an interview with Channel 4. They were suppose to do it today but the reporter had another assignment so it was postponed . They did a story on Holli when we were in India and now they want to do a follow up. I hope I make it through this interview. I get nervous just thinking about it! Wish me luck.
Saturday, September 5, 2009

Holli is in Nashville!

It was a very long and tiring day for Holli but she is such a trooper. She had been sitting up in either a wheelchair or airline seat since 7:30 this morning CA time until 9:00 this evening TN time. Holli could not hold her head up for very long but the flight nurse, Diane Risoti, was so good with Holli and used rolled up blankets, pillow and towels to make Holli comfortable. She had to be transfered from one wheelchair to another so many times that I lost count but Diane, the flight nurse , was able to do it without any problems. When we got off the plane we were met by my daughter, Heather, and two of my jazzercise friends, Karen and Darlene. It was a tearful reunion. Then there was Matt who is a dear friend of Holli's waiting outside by the van that was picking us up. I was so thrilled to see him. He has been like a brother to Holli since high school. Holli is now at her new facility. We stayed with her until she had her sleeping pill and was sound asleep. It was so very hard for me to leave her tonight. This is the first time I have left her alone. I left in tears. It will be adjustment for the both of us.
Friday, September 4, 2009

Saying Good- bye

I write this note with mixed emotions....happy and thrilled to finally be able to go home and very sad to leave all my new friends behind. I want to thank everyone at St. Lukes Hospital for taking such great care of Holli and taking care of me also. It isn't easy living at a hospital 24/7 for 5 1/2 months but you made my experience bearable. I made some friends at the hospital that I will never forget. Thank you for your kindness and support. Also meeting, getting to know and loving Holli's friends. You have been so supportive of both Holli and me. She is so blessed to have such wonderful friends. I want to say to Harrison....I will always love you for saving my daughter's life. You will always have a special place in my heart. I hate having to leave my San Francisco family but I will cherish the fond memories we had together. You are very special people.
Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Blessing

Just found out this morning that Holli had the clearance from her doctor to fly commercial airlines instead of having to fly by an air ambulance. We will be flying American Airlines in first class leaving San Francisco at 11:30 am with a 2 hour lay over in Dallas and then arriving in Nashville at 7:45 pm. The company I am dealing with will provide ground transportation bed to bed and a nurse escort. I am so thrilled that everything is falling into place.

Tonight Harrison came to tell Holli good bye. When he walked into the room Holli broke into a big smile and kept on smiling as he talked to her. It was so touching to see. The hard part about us going home is having to tell such wonderful people that I have met here good bye. I will never forget their love and kindness. They have helped me through a very difficult time with such great support. They will always have a special place in my heart. Love you guys!