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Holli At Home
Holli At Home

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Holli 6 months at home!

It is hard to believe that I have had Holli home for 6 months. It is so wonderful to have both of my girls back home with me. I am still grieving over my husband's death but having Holli here to concentrate on has really helped. Holli and I am both so much happier with her being here. Holli has nursing assistants come here twice a day to help with her care which gives me a break and enables me to go to the grocery, run errands or make appointments for myself. Holli is still getting botox injections every three months so we get to go on a "road trip" whenever she has an appointment. Even though she enjoys going in the transportation van to the doctor these trips tire her out. She gets a shower once a week, which she still does not like, and get up in her wheelchair for several hours 3-5 days a week, depending on when I have someone to help me get her back to bed. Everyday she wears her high top tennis shoes and right arm splint for 6 to 8 hours. She is being fitted for a splint for her right foot to help with her foot drop. Physical therapy comes twice a week and nurse once a week. It seems like we are always having company with everyone coming in and out. Today Holli was visited by her good friend, K T, from Oakland, Ca. It is always so great whenever Holli's friends come and see her. It makes her so happy to see her friends. I know Holli gets tired of just looking and being with me all the time!! I appreciate all the love and prayers that we are still receiving. We have come a long way on this journey but we still have a long way to go. I want to wish my 91 year old Dad Happy Farther's Day, love you Dad.
Thursday, March 31, 2011

Franny's Visit with Holli

Hello friends, On my way back from the Gon KiRin roadtrip to Detroit I stopped in Nashville on my way to Austin to visit with Holli and Diane. I arrived late and Hollis was asleep so Diane and I had the chance to catch up. The last time I saw them was when Hollis was at St. Lukes Hospital in San Francisco before I moved to Mexico in July 2009. Wow times flies and Hollis has progressed tremendously!!! She suddenly woke up and was eager to see who was there. I walked down the stairs and she was smiling. She thanked me for coming to visit her all the way from California. She was amused by my 100-pound rottweiler and wanted to see her up close. Osa Perez jumped on her bed and licked her face multiple times as Hollis giggled. She laughed and said "you've got a big pooch but she's a big baby!" She asked me if I was going to spend the night. I said "Yes, we are going to have a slumber party!" She told me to get on her bed thus I did. I told her that everyone misses her and loves her and she said "It's not the same without me is it?" I agreed. Later that night I was sleeping in her room that she grew up in and I noticed the glow in the dark message that she wrote on the ceiling as a child. It said "The stars don't shine when your eyes are closed!" It really touched me because I could hear her saying it as I read it. The next morning we watched TV together and I played with her beautiful dark brown long hair. I gave her my silver guatemalan jade ring that I made in Chiapas and she thanked me. She liked looking at the bling. She was talking a lot and she listened and absorbed very word I said sometimes repeating my sentences taking it all in. She even had a conversation with my pops on the phone. She made his day and he told her that she's a tough cookie. Harry called and sung her a song. She recognized the song and said it was beautiful. She enjoys watching Disney movies and listening to her mom read to her. She still has her sass and doesn't always like it when the nurses put her in the shower. I encourage all of you to stop by and visit her whenever you are near Nashville. She loves the company of her friends . Diane has renovated the entire downstairs for Hollis including the shower room. She receives Botox every few months to help with the flexibility of her muscles. Holly told me that she loves her mom and that she's her main inspiration. Diane is very happy to have Hollis around. It's been really rough since Doug passed. Heather and her two girls will be moving in soon. I am pleased to know that the Hawthornes are together once again. Love and kisses, Franny
Thursday, February 24, 2011

2 Year Anniversary

I will never forget that phone call in the middle of the night two years ago. The one that turned my world upside down as well as Holli's . It is hard to believe that it has been that long and all we have gone through, the heartaches, the ups and downs of our journey. Thank you Lord for being with us every step of our journey and for giving me the strength to get through each day. Through this journey I lost the love of my life two months ago. It is hard some days but having Holli home gives me a purpose and a joy and makes the heart ache a little less. I am so thankful for how far Holli has come and look forward to her continuing to improve. We are so blessed by the love and support of our family and friends. Just the encouragements and love that was given helped me get through the rough days. I pray a year from now that we will still be rejoicing in Holli's continued progress. I just want to say thank you for your continued love and support.
Friday, February 4, 2011

Holli's Home

For those who do not follow Holli on her caring bridge site, I was finally able to bring Holli home on January 15th. We totally remodeled the downstairs to make it Holli's living area. For the most part Holli is very content and happy being home. She still forgets that she is at home and asks when we can go home. We have been home 3 weeks tomorrow. Holli was greeted that day with family and friends to welcome her home. It has been a comfort for me to have her here so I don't get lonely. It has been hard since Doug died and I miss him so much but having to concentrate on Holli has been a blessing and is helping me to heal. I pray that this coming year will be filled with happiness. We will be celebrating Holli's 33rd birthday on Valentine's Day. We will definitely have ice cream and cake.