Holli At Home

Holli At Home
Holli At Home

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Holli Hawthorne
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Holli's Home

For those who do not follow Holli on her caring bridge site, I was finally able to bring Holli home on January 15th. We totally remodeled the downstairs to make it Holli's living area. For the most part Holli is very content and happy being home. She still forgets that she is at home and asks when we can go home. We have been home 3 weeks tomorrow. Holli was greeted that day with family and friends to welcome her home. It has been a comfort for me to have her here so I don't get lonely. It has been hard since Doug died and I miss him so much but having to concentrate on Holli has been a blessing and is helping me to heal. I pray that this coming year will be filled with happiness. We will be celebrating Holli's 33rd birthday on Valentine's Day. We will definitely have ice cream and cake.