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Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Botox Treatment

Today Holli went for her first botox treatment to her neck and right arm. I pray that these treatments will make a big difference. She will get her next injections in 3 months. Holli tolerated them very well. Therapy is to restart working with her arm again next week.
Holli has been in a good mood for the past week. She is laughing more and seems calm. Some days she gets fixated on certain subjects and can get really upset about her "disability". We are all stressing that she does not have a disability but a brain injury with some physical challenges. She will quickly forget what we tell her and we just have to keep reminding her. Then on other days she will say "funny" things and just laugh at herself and sings songs along with her Ipod or the Arts station on tv. She enjoys being read to and playing Uno card game. She also loves going every Monday to get a manicure. The weather is starting to warm back up so we will be able to spend more time outside before it gets too hot and humid.
Monday, April 12, 2010

Botox injections

Good news Holli's botox injections have finally been approved!! She should be getting an appointment soon for her first treatment. It has taken 5 weeks for this to happen. I am so thankful that we can now start again to get Holli's right arm straightened. She has so much tone in that extremity that she desperately needs botox for us to be able to accomplish this feat.
Holli had a good friend, KT, from San Francisco visiting her this past week. They watched "The Little Mermaid" which they love to sing the songs. We have been having some beautiful spring weather. Holli and I have been going outside and ejoying the sunshine and fresh air.