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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Holli's New Home

Holli seems to be making the transition to Madison Healthcare Center fine. Everyone at the center has been very friendly and welcoming. The therapy team is very excited about working with Holli which makes me really happy. They plan to start standing her up on the tilt table this week.
Holli is in a semi private room but there is no one in the other bed so right now it is like having a big private room. Doug decorated her room today with all the posters, pictures, etc that she had at St. Lukes. It really made the room more personable.
Friends of Holli have been visiting everyday. It is good to have her friends and family there with her to give her love and support. Tomorrow we have an interview with Channel 4. They were suppose to do it today but the reporter had another assignment so it was postponed . They did a story on Holli when we were in India and now they want to do a follow up. I hope I make it through this interview. I get nervous just thinking about it! Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

We have never met but still Holli, and her mother Diane, are in my thoughts nearly every day. As a mother and a bicyclist and as a person her story has touched me in complicated ways. Every day some part of me is aware of her lying in a hospital bed or struggling with PT. We will never meet but I would love to know that Holli is again out in the big world, dancing and living fully and enjoying the company of her friends and family. Enjoying life. Hurry back to the world Holli. It misses your presence.

Robin said...

You are an amazing woman Diane. I pray for your daughter all the time and following your story has taught me so much about Mother Love. I am awestruck by you. I know Holli will get better. I read somewhere you thanking Harrison for saving her life. He did save her life and your gratitude to him is valid. However in another way you are also saving her life. Also, your story, as an example of what Love is like is probably saving other lives too. It has changed me, and it is waking Holli up. <3 take care.

paigereno said...

I am so touched by your kind words.