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Monday, March 2, 2009

A letter from Doug

Help Holli Get Home
March 2, 2009, Monday
Holli Hawthorne, 31, born and raised in Nashville, TN where she graduated fromAntioch High School in 1996 and Western Kentucky University in 2002 is fighting for her life in the little known town of Pondicherry, approx. 3 hours South of Chennai,India.The victim of a motorcycle accident 5 days ago during a planned month long vacation with boyfriend Harrison Bartlett, of New York, Holli lies in a deep coma in this small rural community that is unable to provide her with the help she needs. In a part of the world where ambulance services and adequate hospital facilities do not exist, Harrison who was riding a separate bike and not involved in the accident, immediately began CPR on Holli for 20 minutes before someone stopped and offered to help. Carefully placing her in a van while still performing CPR, Harrison and several people of German nationality began a desperate search for anyone who could help keep
Holli alive. A clinic turned them away because they were unable to do anything for her. Another provided bandages but did not have the facilities to help any further. A third stop brings us to where she has spent the last several days, in a small medical facility, in Pondicherry, India, in a deep coma.

This is the story that began to unfold in bits and pieces during frantic phone calls in the middle of the night to Holli's mother, Diane Allison, in Nashville. Diane and her sister, Joy Willis of Mississippi, immediately made arrangements to fly to India and have been at Holli's side since arriving there Saturday afternoon. Holli's condition...stable, and very
critical. Today, after two days of not being able to move her, arrangements were made by the Indian military to transfer Holli to better medical facilities and was relocated to Apollo Hospital in Chennai where they aggressively began running test to evaluate Holli's condition.As horrible as it all sounds, the one true saving grace is that God did give Harrison the strength to keep our daughter alive, and for this we are truly grateful. The next step is to med-evac Holli to Stanford University Hospital in California where she will receive the medical attention she desperately needs.The "Help Holli Get Home" blog link below is to provide a way for those who would like to help, to do just that. As I understand it, the expense to fly Holli home is going to cost approx. $150,000, and over $11,000 of that amount has already been collected in under two days. Holli's family will do whatever it takes to get her home, but we do need a lot of help. Please forward this to anyone you know who may want to help bring Holli home.
Holli's step-father,


jin kim said...

i pray God that you help holli thru this
difficult time with holli and her family.
your friend and you are in my everyday prayers.
God speed.

Jill said...

Thank you for your prayers. God has been holding my family in His hands throughout this whole ordeal.