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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
As of 9:30 central time last night, Holli had been moved to a step-down unit. She is now in a private room where Diane can stay with her. Diane said that Holli was making lots of faces last night. She seemed to be grimacing somewhat, as if she is unhappy about her situation. She was sqeezing their hands very hard to the point where it was painful for them! They will meet with Holli's doctor at 1:00 pm pacific time today. Will post an update sometime after that.


Robin said...

How wonderful it is to have Holli back in the U.S. Diane must be absolutely exhausted.

Jill, I just want to thank you for your commitment to keeping us in the loop via this blog. It enables us to have frequent, reliable updates without having to be bothersome to the family by calling you on your phones. Hang in there; you are a blessing to us all.


freelance gypsy said...

Praise praise PRAISE!!!
"She was sqeezing their hands very hard to the point where it was painful for them!"

Hollis, we are ALL with you, from east to west, north to south, across the GLOBE.

Girl, you have so many new friends just AMP'ed to meet you. You're in our hearts and we're all sending our biggest love to you in your recovery. Welcome HOME lady, keep squeezin' and blinkin'!!!!

-- !!!!!
your new friend bex