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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Meeting with Holli's doctor

Diane had her meeting with Holli's doctor. He came on board today, so he really hasn't had much time to familiarize himself with Holli. He basically told them possible scenarios for Holli's recovery. He told them that he felt that Holli would surely have residual effects from this injury, but was unable to say exactly what they would be. This is pretty typical. In our past experience with head injuries and comatose states, no one can predict what the brain will do. It is basically a "wait and see" type of situation. They are planning on surgically implanting a feeding tube tomorrow and moving her to another part of the hospital. She will be moved to a room that doesn't require as much monitoring. They are already discussing possible rehab facilities and working on getting her moved in that direction. This will be a good thing for Holli. They are talking about moving her to a facility that specializes in brain injuries. Diane said that the doctor mentioned that she may have to pay up front for these services until they are able to get Holli financial assistance. Please continue to spread the word about Holli, and encourage help towards their needs.

Always in prayer


Here is a link to a first hand account of the accident and the angels that were present to take care of Holli. It is truly amazing! God is soooo good!