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Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday's update

Diane said that Holli is now running a fever. They are testing to see if it could be a urinary tract infection. She is on anitbiotics through her feeding tube. Otherwise, everything else is status quo. She did say that physical therapy is going to start getting her up in a chair tomorrow. From all of our past experience with Matt, these kinds of things help with the waking up process. They have not heard anything from the airline as of yet, but are hoping to hear from them tomorrow. Everyone's continued prayers are needed and appreciated.


Here is a link to the newest article in The Hindu newspaper in India:


Suzanna B. Stinnett said...

Would you lovely folks managing the blog let me know the best way to give the family some information? I'll put it in this comment and if there's a better way, please tell me. I've been talking to a few knowledgeable people about the airlines and several options which might be available. With the funds now raised, we should be able to get Holli home NOW. We can get the attention of one of the airlines who will want the publicity of coming to our aid on this. There are options other than the air ambulance. There are some private jets that might be available. ORBIS is a flying clinic doctors use to treat people at the airport in foreign countries. They might be able to help or know of a smaller plane that could bring her. I know people in the flight industry with lots of connections. If we don't have a solid plan right now to do this, please call me and let's see how we can move it forward.
Suzanna Stinnett