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Monday, March 16, 2009

Safe at Stanford

I just spoke briefly with Diane. Holli is in ICU at Stanford. They are getting her settled in her room and giving her a work over, I'm sure. Diane is so relieved, thankful and just overwhelmed by everything that everyone has done to make this happen. She is also very exhausted. I don't think she has slept since Saturday night. She is going to see Holli for the last visiting hour and then go to Karen's and crash. She did tell Heather, Holli's sister, that as they were loading Holli onto the plane, she saw tears in Holli's eyes as if she knew they were bringing her home.

We will continue to post on Holli's progress as information comes to us. Now that we have Holli back in the states, we are changing our focus to get her back to her home. Feel free to check in with us to keep up with her journey on the road to recovery.


Anonymous said...

HI, I'm Amacker Bullwinkle, who almost died in a motorcycle wreck June of 2007. Because i live in Palo Alto, I was found first by two visitng Norwegian surgeons and they called the EMS & I was taken to Stanford. My injuries were so critical, they didn't think i'd make it thru the night. The next day they discovered I had been internally decapitated. I was in a coma for 6 weeks, and thanks to Stanford's excellent ICU team, I am not only alive, but if you didn't know about the accident, you probably wouldn't guess if you met me. I ride a horse 3 times a week on the beach and ... am looking for another bike as soon as i can afford one. Medical bills are a bitch. :P

One last thing - as I said, I was in a come for a long time. And I remember all of it. And my brother, who never left my side, spent a lot of time talking to me. And his words were part of the script of my "coma reality." In other words, she probably CAN hear you, and depending on her brain,and how she dreams, she can process this into her world in some way. (so don't repeat yourself .. my bro did that a couple of days in a row and i was *so* flumoxed!)

Love to Holli

and if you are at Stanford visitng her, feel free to let me know - i live here. And I have trix ... like a secret underground Art Tour I take friends on late at night.


Jill said...

Thanks for sharing this. These real life stories are ones that give us hope that Holli will come out of this fine. It is just amazing.... thanks again. I can't wait for her mom to get the chance to read all of this.

*Doll*Parts* said...

Hi, I'm Brooke (DollParts) and I was felled in 2007 by a double aneurysm and a stroke while I was visiting SF. Many friends and even more people I had never met from our BM and Tribe communities reached out and helped to bring me out of the coma I was in for almost 2 weeks. They sent energy and love and funds that would help me when I emerged 2 months later. I'm just now (this week) getting more clarity on the damage to my brain that happened and how I might overcome the deficits. Physically, I have very little leftover loss, and I credit everyone who prayed and pulled for me all those days and weeks. It will be a long hard road for Hollis, but with you, her friends and family supporting her, she can do it. She will. Love, love, love to her and to you all.