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Monday, March 2, 2009

Update from Apollo Hospital

Diane and Mom spoke with Holli's neurosurgeon. Holli remains in critical condition. He told them that the medical team at Apollo is providing supportive care for her. He said that Holli's brain needs time in order to see if it will be able to heal. They are planning an MRI tomorrow for her. He wants her to be able to rest today as she will need to be transported to another hospital for that test. Diane told him of our plans to Air Evac Holli back to the states and hopefully to Stanford University Medical Center. He said that was a good idea and that Stanford was an excellent place for Holli. As a lot of us who have dealt with brain injuries in the past already know, these things take time and no two are alike. Please continue to pray for Holli and our family, especially Diane. It is sure to be a difficult time for her right now, dealing with this so far from home and the rest of her family.

Always in Prayer



CAM said...


I sent the blog and prayer requests to friends of mine and a friend responded with this link about government aid in a situation like this. You all may have already explored this avenue, but just wanted to pass along this info just in case.


Quoted below is his response to my email:

"Just left you a message. According to this, the State Department will assist in this measure, but "the full expense must be borne by the injured American or his family."

I was just wondering if they had contacted the State Department, and if the 150k is what they said the "full expense" is?


All of this stems from wondering if the Government could help."

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I went to college with Holli & performed in a few shows with her. I have a friend in LA that told me about this website--not sure if you have already learned of it, but check it out as it may be able to help you guys get her home quicker.


Also, I have a lawyer friend here in LA (the same guy that told me about the site) that will help you with any kind of legal paper work that may arise. He said that he would volunteer his time, so if you need his help, let me know and I will get you guys in touch. I donated some money--it isn't much, but I'm praying for her and I hope that she gets to come home soon--the sooner the better.

Much Love,

Desiree Hall

moshe said...

jill i cant find you email anywhere but I spoke to a friend , jenn roemer , who is an attorney in SF who works specifically with medical and social secuirty to get the disabled and uninsiured , insured. SHe is willign to help your family with those things which you will most likely be needing.
Email me @ moshekasher@hotmail.com if you can and I will connect you guys.

Jill said...

Thanks everyone for all your help... I will be following these leads.