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Friday, March 6, 2009

Holli still improving

Just got off the phone with Holli's mom, Diane. Holli continues to do well. Her vital signs remain perfectly stable. She is still breathing on her own. They were very excited because she opened her Right eye today. We are actively pursuing all options of bringing her home. Her physician is working on some options from that end also. Please continue to pray for Holli as well as Diane and Holli's boyfriend Harrison. As a side note: my mom, Joy, is now stateside. She felt good about Holli's care at Apollo and knows Harrison is taking good care of Diane. She decided she needed to get home to care for her brain injured patient :)

Always in prayer



donnarose said...

That is wonderful news that she opened her right eye! Do you know for how long, and what that means?

Gregory said...


I'm a friend of hollis' from burning man dpw work team, i have a contact that want's to get in touch with you about the flight.

To contact me:

hila said...

YAY! One eye opened....there you go girl! Keep at it love! We are all sending you every bit of positive light we can muster up....we love you and are so happy to hear about such great progress....

Shankey said...

Hope she recovers well. I am from tamil nadu in India. I would like to mention that there are several ayurvedic medicines available in the nearby state kerala. After she has had complete recovery, you can use the ayurvedic medicines ( after consulting a doctor ) as they are really good for nerve related problems.

If any injury is related to the bone, you can consult Dr.Rangarajan ( not sure of the name ) in Ganga Hospital in coimbatore. He is a world famous bone physician.

Hope you get the needed money for the air ambulance.

I shall pray for her recovery everytime i pray to God. ( I came to know about this after reading the artical in the newspsper "The Hindu")

Jill said...

Thank you for your prayers. It is amazing to me that we have people all over the globe praying for our Holli.