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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Diane with Holli

This is a picture Doug sent me today of Diane and Holli. She's been at Holli's side continually for a month now. When you pray for Holli, please remember to pray for Diane, too. I know she appreciates every ounce of encouragement and support.

With joy and thanksgiving,


mountain kimmie said...

Holli looks like Sleeping Beauty in the picture. By the way, I have some questions for Diane: does she enjoy reading, has she ever enjoyed audio books, and has she read Jan Karon's "At Home In Mitford" series? I have the series in audio book form. The reader is John McDonough, and he does such a spectacular job that it really adds a dimension to the stories. I thought she might like having the audio books in mp3 format so she could relax and listen when she has some quiet time in between doing things for Holli and hosting visitors. For me a good book is the greatest comfort, but of course that isn't true for everyone. Anyway, the Mitford series is about an Episcopalian minister in a small town in North Carolina. The premise sounded boring to me at first, but I found out these gentle, funny, sweet stories were actually very appealing and absorbing. They are written from a very definitely Christian viewpoint, but they have had wide appeal to all kinds of folks, not just Christians. We can get Diane an inexpensive mp3 player if she doesn't have one, and load the files onto it for her or put them on a drop where she could get them. What other things would be a comfort to her, do you think?

Jill said...

I think that is a wonderful idea... I will ask her if she has read these. She loves to read, I know. I think anything like this will be great. I will let you know what she says and get the address to you. Do I have your email already?

mountain kimmie said...

My email is mountainkimmie@yahoo.com. And if she loves to read I can hook her up with some other stuff. I'll start pulling the files to mp3 (I have the cd version on hand). As I said, I think these are especially worth enjoying in the unabridged audiobook format because of the fantastic way they are performed.

Jill said...

oh... i think the audio books will be great... i don't think she has an mp3 player... but will check that too and let ya know. Thanks soo much! It is so sweet of you to think of taking care of Diane while she takes care of Holli :)

mountain kimmie said...

I can find an mp3 player for her if she doesn't have one.