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Friday, July 31, 2009


Holli had several friends visit her today. She would have rare periods when she would try to say something but mostly would focus in on her friends and seem to really listen to what they were saying. Her voice is barely a whisper and I can not read lips. I want so badly to be able to understand what she is saying. I know that day will come, hopefully soon. I think it is good for her friends to be here and stimulate her. The last two nights after she is given her sleeping medication, Holli has gotten the biggest smile on her face and twinkling eyes. She almost looks like she wants to laugh. I try to get her to tell me what is making her so happy but she just smiles. It is a beautiful sight!


Scott said...

This is really good news that Holli is doing well. The Burncast snet out the post that she was talking on the day it was announced on this blog... I tell you a lot of people were smiling. I heard about her accident in India back in March. I think its cool. Cheers!

Ren said...

Wow. . best week of updates yet!

Since seeing this on the news months ago, I've been coming here to check up on her progress every week. I was always hoping to see promising news, but it gave me chills when I read how much progress she made last week.

Best of wishes, and many prayers for Holli. :)

- jeff