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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Doing Better

Finally Holli has had some good days after several weeks of problems. Her electrolytes are back in normal range and her IV fluids have been stopped. She continues to be very quite. She has not tried to make any sounds for the past several weeks but she is very calm. For a couple of days I found her focusing on the tv that is hanging from the ceiling. I started finding movies for her to watch but today she did not seem interested in the tv. She has started tracking more with her eyes at times and focusing on people more.

I boxed up the last of Holli's belongings here in the room to be shipped out on Tuesday. The walls seem so bare and depressing without all the posters and pictures of Holli hanging on the wall. It was really hard telling a couple of Holli's good friends good-bye today. Frannie is moving to Mexico and DA will be leaving for his job at Burning Man tomorrow. They both promised to come see Holli in Tn. I told them the door will always be open. The hard part about leaving is having to tell Holli's and now my friends good bye.

I am still hoping to hear from Bourdeaux or Trevecca but will try other facilities to see if they will take our application pending tenncare. I pray something will become available soon so Holli and I can go home. I am so homesick for my family. I will be missing my twin grand daughters birthday this Tuesday. Happy Birthday Sarah and Rachel...Gran Gran loves and misses you so very much!