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Monday, July 13, 2009


It has been several weeks since I last posted a note. I was hoping to get some responses from the posting that my niece, Jill made regarding helping us get Holli back to Tennessee.
Holli has not had a very good week, she has been vomiting and it has become more frequent in the last several days. We are trying to figure out what might be causing this to occur. The doctor has stopped the last medication he started to see if this is the culprit. I can tell she does not feel good...they are giving her medication for her nausea and vomiting which helps. It makes it very hard to figure out when she can't tell you how she is feeling. I pray we can get this figured out soon.
I am still trying to find a facility that will accept us in Tennessee. I have a doctor who is willing to accept her but because lack of insurance makes it harder to find a skilled facility for her that will meet her needs. I keep praying that the right door will open to make this all possible. I need to get back home to my husband and I need to take Holli with me. She has a ways to go to "wake up" and even longer to recover from this brain injury.
I am in the process of mailing home Holli's personal belongings and moving her storage to a warehouse that will store her belongings and will not charge us with the help of her loving friends. I could not do all this by myself and I am so grateful to those special people who have helped make all this happen. I love you guys!
I hope the next time I post on the blog that I will have a positive update for you regarding Holli's progress.


Anonymous said...

I should be in with more boxes in the next day or so. Am waiting until I have it all to send the boxes out so that your poor hubby doesn't have to make multiple trips to the UPS to get packages. Hope you're keeping your chin up.
Let me know if we need to organize a last fundraising push to get you guys back home.

elbo350 said...

hi diane- i am a cousin of one of holli's friends... following her story from the first day. sending all my healing energy to both of you!
wondering on a technicality... is holli still in a coma? you mention waiting for her to 'wake up' while her friend's blog seems to indicate she has 'woken up'... and that there is much communication between them.

wondering if you can explain a bit?... sending love and don't want to intrude just want to have the right info.

bless you!

paigereno said...

Holli is now opening her eyes and making sounds but is not talking except what at times sounds like mom and does not follow commands consistently. She does seem to have a few luccid moments that she seems more aware but it is hard to tell. She moves her left side but not her right side. On her cognitive level she is considered a 2 to 3 with level 8 being the top of the scale using the rancho los amigos national rehabilitation center scale. So she is technically not in a coma but not fully awake. Hopefully this will explain alittle more accurately Holli's condition.

dawn41677 said...

I was a classmate of Holli's and I was wondering i you have/or have tried to get her on Social Secruity SSI aka Disablity? If you have or if you can she would then almost automatically be eligible for Tenncare under the Federal mandate that anyone that is on SSI is eligible if SS administration finds they are eligible. If you can do this it would be much easier to fine help here in Nashville. I work in Medical billing and did a little research on this the other day with you guys in mind. You may already know of this or have tried this but I thought I would send the information your way :) We are praying hard for Holli and you and your family! Your an amazing mom! keep your chin up!

paigereno said...

Thanks Dawn for your information. Yes, I have applied for SSI and waiting for acceptance. It is nice to know that should help with her tenncare application which I can not apply until we are back in tn. We just have to find a facility that is willing to accept tenncare pending. Thanks for all your prayers...that is what has kept me going.

dawn41677 said...


I will ask my Doctors if they have any ideas... I work In pediatrics so We dont deal with this alot but I will ask they might have some ideas. I will let you know the Doctor that I think would be most knowledgeable is Off till Monday so I will ask he when she comes back in. and yes prayers are always coming as we know God always answer's them sometimes in the 11th hour but they are always answered..

Kimberly said...

Hi Diane,I have been following Holli's progress since I heard about her accident.I live in TN also with almost the same story ,but it is my brother.I wanted to let you know that Holli might qualify for in home care with nurses 24 hrs 7 days a week.I pray for my brother & Holli often.Never give up hope,for our hope comes in Jesus not in man.My brother's accident was in 2005 and though it is hard I keep receiving my strength from my Lord, God Bless Kim