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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Eliza's Visit

I am so amazed...Eliza has been here visiting with Holli. She has been lying beside her talking with her and coaching her in yoga breathing. Holli is constantly talking with her but it is hard to understand her Eliza told her not to hold it in if she wanted to cry ....Holli all of a sudden started whaling....crying loudly for a few minutes which made me burst into tears....she is still trying really hard to "talk" to Eliza but it is so hard to understand......she is coming back to us! She has had several episodes of loudly crying....I think she has realized what has happen to her and she is distraught. This is so hard to watch but I know it is something she has to go through....her grieving......please pray for Holli to have peace.


elgee said...

amazing! I think the crying will be good. the talking is great! she is a survivor!

globalsoul said...

O Eliza, thank you for opening the gates! And thank you, Diane, for witnessing. Blessed Be.

Scott said...

YEY! Awesome news!!!! @lvburners on Twitter been sending some shoutouts and when @burncast posted the updates have been in my prayers (Toaster) and glad to hear her making a recovery. Hugs and light!

Marsi said...

Praying for Holly's peace and patience (from holly?!!). May you both get back to TN where her rehabillitation may happen at it's own pace. I am sure you are missing your husband so much. I wish I could hug you, but I am here in LA. Sending so much love, and prayers and grace your way. xoxo Marsi.