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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday, August 6,2009

I wish I could report that Holli has continued to talk but she has been very quiet for the past 4 to 5 days. It is almost like she has regressed back to her previous state of just being very quiet. She does still focus on people but does not try to speak. I still encourage her everyday to try to talk. She is being seen by another physician that does healing hands therapy with meditation or what they call reike (rei means Divine and ke means energy). I was told by one of Holli's visitors that when she went through breast cancer that she had reike therapy and it helped her recover twice as fast. She highly recommended it for Holli. This therapy was suggested by her primary physician. I am still waiting to hear something about a facility in Nashville but so far no word. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.


Gal Friday said...

I check this site every week or so and every time I am overwhelmed with emotions. Happy she is making progress, frustrated for her, but mostly I'm filled with hope. She is such a strong woman and I know she is fighting to get back to us 100%. She truly has the most amazing family and friends. Thank you Diane, for being so strong. You are an amazing woman!

Love and light to you and to Holli.

Bean said...

Usually there are Reiki practitioners just out there to find. Not so much facilities. If there's a massage school in your area contact them for a referral to someone they know. Also check your local classifieds under services.

I've been doing Reiki for 13 years, I've never been associated with a facility.

Friends in Texas are praying for her, you and your family.


Linda Graveline said...

Hi - I don't know Holli but we have mutual friends and I was curious how she's been doing so I'm here browsing your posts. I found this one about Reiki and recommend using it as often as possible. I agree that it's rare for a Reiki practitioner to work in any facility, but contacting local massage schools/centers is a great place to get referrals. In case you didn't know, Reiki can also be sent remotely. I'm in L.A. and just did a 1/2 hour remote session for a cancer patient in Kentucky the day before her mastectomy. When she got to the hospital they downgraded to a lumpectomy. Big difference. I will add Holli to my grid (crystal arrangement that sends energy) and send healing energy to her and you, Diane. Warmest regards, Linda Graveline, URM and Karuna certified.