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Holli At Home

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday, August 17

Holli is still very quiet but she is focusing very intently on people and her surroundings. She checks out the staffs name tags when they come in to care for her. She will look right at you and usually follow you with her eyes around the room. Today when Eliza came by and played music and danced in the room, Holli watched her every move. Holli also is now reaching up more and more with her left hand to her face and this weekend she watched the movie Aladdin on tv. These are little things but they are small positive steps. She has again started moving her mouth, smacking her lips like she wants to say something but has not made any sounds. I feel like it is around the corner that she will start talking again. Her doctor keeps on adjusting her medication to help her get more awake. I can't wait till the day that she talks with me again.
On a personal note I was unable to get my leave extended so as of August 26th I will be taking early retirement from my job of 37 years. My first priority is being with Holli and making sure she is getting the proper care. I am still trying to find placement for her in Nashville. I was hoping to be home for Doug and my birthdays but nothing has fallen into place yet. I want to thank everyone that has been trying to make contacts for us in finding a facility. Your help is so much appreciated. I ask that everyone continues to keep us and our getting home soon in your thoughts and prayers.


JalapeƱa in the desert said...

Hi Diane,

The DPW at Burning Man has made a gift for Hollis and we plan to mail it. Do you think the St. Luke's address is best? Take care!

aka Jalapena

paigereno said...

You can either mail it to St. Lukes addressed to Holli or you can mail it to our home at 600 Sue Drive, Antioch,Tn. 37013. Thank you so much for the remembering Holli.

Rob said...

Diane, you are the most beautiful mom ever! There is a story here. A journal of your experiences is an idea.

There are many who believe our earliest emotional memories lay down lifelong paths. What were Holli's engagements and passions as a child? Favorite toys, stories and films. They may be buried keys to reawakening.

globalsoul said...

Diane has made a gift for Hollis, by her presence, dedication, love and sacrifice. I honor you,
Diane. Blessings to you both.