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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Sorry it has been awhile since my last update. Holli had a swallowing test several weeks ago that she passed. She is now starting to get meal trays that we feed her. She is on soft and pureed foods with thicken liquids. Usually she take but only a few small bites of her meals but her therapist said that she is not concerned at the moment about how much she is eating but getting her use to the process. We are continuing to work with splinting her right arm. It is getting a little easier to do range of motion on her arm and she will relax it at times to about a 90 degree angle.
Last weekend I went to my parent's home and my childhood home town to celebrate my Dad's 90th birthday. We had a great family party. Holli called me while I was at the party and sang Happy Birthday to her Pappy!! It thrilled him as well as all of us there. When I got back this past Wednesday Holli had made me a water color sign ( with a little help) using her left hand that said I Love You. It was my welcome back present. I now have it posted on my fridge at home.
I still have not heard back from my appeal to her insurance company concerning her going to Shepard's Center in Atlanta. Hopefully I will hear something this month.
Holli's friends in San Fran are wanting to use the money they have raised recently for Holli to get massages. I am in the process of lining up someone to come out here to give regular massages. Her therapist here thinks this is also a good idea and should help the tone in Holli's arm and neck. She knows someone that I will be talking to real soon.