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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Holli in hospital

Yesterday Holli started complaining about her left leg hurting whenever she would try to move it. Her left leg is her good side that usually she has no trouble in moving. Last evening we decided she needed to come to the emergency room since she has a history of DVT ( blood clots). When we got here after several xrays and blood work drawn we discovered that she had a urinary tract infection and that her blood level was too thin and running a fever. She was still having alot of pain in her left hip so the ER doctor had her admitted to the hospital. We got to our room about midnight and then at 2:30 AM she was taken to xray for a CT Scan. The CT scan showed fluid in her psoas muscle. The doctor said it could be either be due to a hematoma or abscess. Since her blood is too thin they are giving her frozen plasma today to thicken her blood so she can have that fluid drained tomorrow in xray. She is being given 3 different antibiotics and has a foley catheter in because her bladder was distended. We will be here at least several days depending on what they find from the aspiration of the fluid. Neither one of us got much sleep last night. I am having to sleep in a recliner by her bedside. The good thing is that speech, physical and occupational therapy are all seeing her during her stay here. I will keep you updated on her status. Please keep her in your prayers.