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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 2 Hospital

The doctor feels pretty sure that Holli has had a retro peritoneal bleed in the psoas muscle. Her hemoglobin and hematocrit dropped even more this morning so she is now receiving 2 units of blood and will also get some more plasma today also. Because her blood is still too thin she will go tomorrow to have the aspiration and drain inserted in xray. She ran a fever all night and they will continue her broad spectrum antibiotics. I can tell she is very weak because she is very quiet and sleeping alot. The nurses were in and out the room all last night giving plasma, starting another IV, drawing blood and doing vital signs. So it was another night of very little sleep. They did at least bring in a cot for me to sleep on. It brought back memories of St. Lukes Hospital in San Francisco of me sleeping on the cot next to Holli for almost 6 months. I will continue to keep you updated during our hospital stay.