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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Holli Starting to Remember

For the last several days Holli has been very sad and having very negative thoughts about her past. She has been remembering many childhood memories that have been upsetting to her. She repeatedly talks about remembering having bad feeling about people and people being mad at her and getting upset about "stupid things". She is talking constantly about all these thoughts and feelings. I keep reminding her that no one is upset with her and that she is truly loved. She gets so worked up at times that she gets a very rapid heart rate, sweaty and her skin is blotched. I know this is part of the healing process but it breaks my heart when she gets so sad and starts bawling or so anxious about her negative feeling. I pray that she will soon find peace and strength to get through this phase of her healing.


Tiffanie said...

People from your past love you very much, Holli!!
As for the past, we all do the best we can with what we have at the time. Holli, you are so strong and a positive presence in so many people's lives.


hila said...

Letting go of this old pain is tough Holli, but clinging to the pain only causes more suffering...Love yourself and remember you are so LOVED! "In deep self-acceptance grows a compassionate understanding..."
Love love love xoxoxo