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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Eliza's Visit

This week Holli has been back to her old self of smiling and laughing. Her best friend from San Francisco, Eliza, was here to spend three days with Holli. Holli was so excited about Eliza being here. Before Eliza arrived on Wednesday, Holli dictated a letter to Eliza telling her that she was glad she was here and that she loved her. Holli was parked in the dining room at the big window watching for us to arrive. Eliza entertained Holli for the next three days, reading to her, giving her "gifts" and letters from friends back in SF. When Holli's roommate was out of the room , we would put on the music and Eliza would dance with Holli in her wheelchair. Holli again was laughing and trying to make jokes. Holli's big punch line was that she has "spinal myalgia" whenever she couldn't remember what she wanted to say and then just die laughing!! We were able to take Holli outside yesterday and enjoy the sunshine. Thanks, Eliza, for being here for Holli.


Mandy Greene said...

I have been following your blog for months now since Holli's accident. I truly admire your love for your child and Holli's will. I pray for you all daily. Great news to hear she is laughing! So good for the soul!

Agent Chaos said...

My pleasure, Diane. Seeing her smile warms my heart and melted so much apprehension I had been carrying around.