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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Progress is so slow. Holli is doing well with her swallowing. She takes several sips of grape juice or tea from a spoon. The therapist tells me that probably next week we will try some pudding or yogurt and see how she handles it. Otherwise, Holli is much calmer and spends her daytime with her headset on listening to her music. She seems very content during these times. They get her up in the chair daily but she still can not hold her neck up straight so we have to use a strap across her forehead to keep her head upright. I will be glad when her neck muscles are strong enough to do this. I want to say thank you to everyone for your phone calls, cards and emails. It means alot to me to hear from you and to know that Holli and I are still in your thoughts and prayers. I get homesick and lonely for my family and Nashville friends. I am so glad that my parents and sister, Deree will be here in a week. I am looking forward to spending time with them and showing my sister some of San Francisco.


Mike said...

Hi Diane. My name is Vicki Hefley (Curtis' mom). I don't think we've met but I remember that your girls went to school with my boys. Curtis keeps me informed about Holli and I read your posts and check them often. I hope for more progress every day for Holli and for you to have rest and peace. God bless you.

Zarafah said...

Hi Diane,
I want to tell you that my family is praying for you, Holli, and your entire family. I don't remember us ever meeting, but we are in the fellowship with your family through Joyner. We love your family and hurt so for you all and what you are going through....again. We have traveled the road you are on right now. Our son, Matthew,was in a car accident two years ago. He suffered a severe brain injury also. The doctors gave us little hope but today he is a walking, talking miracle! He will always be disabled but he is happy and has quality of life. We are hopeful that he will continue to improve so he can go back to school, drive again, and be able to live on his own. Time will tell. He turned 25 last week on June 1st.

Joy was such a blessing to me when this happened to our family and I know she has been to you also. How wonderful she went with you to India. Family is always so important, but never more than when you are in a crisis. Joy and I visited at Sugar Creek in May and she is an angel...as you well know! I am so happy for you that Cleve, Georgia, & Deree are making the trip our there. Being surrounded with family is so comforting!

If you want to read more about Matthew and his recovery, he has a caring bridge site. It is.....

Please know we are in constant prayer for you all.

In Him,
Mary Kay Crawford

Amy said...

Hi Diane,

I went to Antioch High School with Holli, I was in a grade or two up from her so we weren't "friends" but we kindly passed one another in the hallways. When the accident first happened I learned of your blog from fellow classmates. I just wanted you to know I check your blog often and we are praying for Holli's complete recovery and for you as well...Holli is tremendously blessed to have you by her side!

God bless you through this difficult journey,
Amy Helton Cordell

hila said...


I am going to be making my way back to San Fran this next week as well. This time I have a place to stay, so I can see Holli for a bit longer. So happy to hear of all her incredible progress and want you to know that not a day goes by that I don't think of her in my heart. My heart is with you a well as these are trying times. We must be patient and thankful that dear Holli is alive. You are truly an inspiration as you so often remind us all about being grateful and blessed. Thank you for being such a light for all of us too.
Looking forward to seeing you next week.

My Love,

Abhi said...

Diane. I am Abhi. I am basically frm delhi. just wanted to know that i develop tremendous respect for you, for your courage for above all. keep it up. I hope Holli will be well. God bless you and holli. (It will be great to see Holli smile in near future.)

Bella Weddings said...

I've been following Holli's progress since first hearing about her on the Nashville news.
I'm praying for Holli, you & your family.
God Bless.

Marissa said...

Hello Diane,
I am a friend of Hollis' from Los Angeles. At one point, just before moving to San Francisco, she stayed with us in a loft space downtown, Abundant Sugar. There is a whole contingent of us in LA who are all keeping Hollis in our thoughts and prayers. I want to acknowledge you, how difficult this must be..to be in another city, away from your support system, caring for her. I am thinking of you and praying for you daily. May angels come comfort you. May Holli continue her steps...baby steps or big giant leaps...it doesn't really matter which they are. They will unfold in due time, just as God has planned. I am sending so much love your way.

paigereno said...

Thank you all so much for your loving thoughts and prayers. That is what is getting me through this difficult time.

Anonymous said...

If your family is in town for the magazine release party please come on by. We would love to have you. As ever, call me if you need me and I'll be by in the next coupla days to visit.