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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Holli has had a quieter week this past week. She has seemed more calm for the most part. She still has her restless days but not as much. The newest progress is with her swallowing. At the end of last week she was swallowing more in speech therapy. When the therapist put a lemon glycerin swab in her mouth she started sucking on it which she had not done before. Then the therapist put a lemon wedge to her mouth and she sucked on it. Today the therapist put a few drops of lemon juice in a spoon and Holli was able to swallow it without any problems....small steps...small steps. I am always so thrilled with these "baby steps". I am still waiting to hear about her acceptance with medi cal insurance. They did not send all the paper work to the board and had to resubmit it again. I pray that it will be approved to help pay her medical bills. Hope everyone had a good and safe Memorial Day weekend. Ours was very quite. Looking forward to my parents and sister coming out in June for a visit.


joypw said...

That's exciting....the swallowing business...small steps...yea!!

Alexi said...

Hi Diane,
That is lovely about the new development, it is slow, but it is progress. My name is Alexi and I am a friend of Holli's. I am coming up for a visit to San Francisco and am going to stop by and see her on Thursday. I can't wait to talk to her and hold her hand. I just wanted to say hello to you and let you know I am coming and that we might have the good fortune to meet. You have been so amazingly strong and dedicated to her this whole time. A mother anyone would be blessed to have, and I am so glad you are Holli's. Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Yay! Baby steps!

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane!
Linda again. I just wanted you to see the final layout of the magazine featuring lovely photos of Hollis.
If you click on this link and then click on the cover of the magazine, the pdf will load. Scroll down to pages 37 to 39.
She looks gorgeous as ever.

Anonymous said...

Dear Diane,
Modern Seamster is having a party for all the contributors, writers, models and photographers of the second issue. And since Holli was such a wonderful part of the shoot but can't be there, we'd sure love it if you could.
It's on Wednesday June 17th at 7pm
Velo Rouge Cafe
798 Aguello Boulevard @ McAllister
Bring Franny or Harrison's momma (He
contributed as well!)
Call me if you have any questions or need a lift. 415-298-8224