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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Holli has seemed more peaceful and relaxed this week. She is not doing the frequent moaning cycles very much anymore. I hope this is a positive sign. She lies in her bed or up in the chair during the day very quietly and listens to music on her Ipod with her earphones. We have not had to give her pain medication but very little this past week which I am glad about. The doctor has taken her off the Ritalin since it has not given us the results we had hoped of waking her up. He is talking about trying a different medication soon. I wish there was more progress to report, but this is such a slow journey. Please keep up the prayers for her.


all said...

Hey there. I read an article awhile back about someone who was woken up from a coma with sleep medication. It was a legit news article, not some random blog in the internet. I do believe the comatose person had been in a deep coma for over a year, so I don't know how that is different from your situation. Just thought I'd throw that out there. I'm following your story closely and wishing for the best. Take care- H.H.

Ria M. said...

Thank you for the updates! After the whirlwind of the first few weeks, these long days of waiting feel extra slow. But the love and magic and prayers shared are still swirling around out there, available to everyone involved as needed. We're keeping Hollis and all her loved ones and caregivers in our hearts. Hang in there!

paigereno said...

Thanks for your encouragement. Holli is also on a sleep medication to help her wake up as well as help her sleep through the night.

DaBomb said...

So I'm mixing new audio podcasts episodes from recordings I made at BM 2007 and want listeners to participate by leaving voice messages for Hollis to be used in the next episode. That way she can listen on her iPod!

The number to call is 775-363-5861.

More info at http://burncast.blogspot.com

JewelD said...

Provigil is another possibility. Much cleaner than Ritalin. Check it out on wikipedia, etc. Keep your spirits up, it's not over til it's over, slow but steady. <3