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Sunday, June 21, 2009

4 Months

As we approach the 4 month mark since Holli's accident, I can see that even though it is a slow process , Holli is making progress. We have been so blessed to have so many friends, loved one and even strangers that have helped us this far with their love, prayers and contributions. I know God has had his hand in every step of the way and that He will continue to be with Holli and me as we continue this journey. I want to thank everyone again for everything they have done. I really appreciate the calls, cards and emails. I pray that before long that the door will be opened for Holli and I to return to Nashville where she can continue to improve and hopefully wake up soon. I know that is where we need to be for many reasons but I do not know how or when that will occur. I will continue to pray for guidance and strength. Holli is still being very vocal at times with the same sounds that she has been making. There really is not much to report that is new. The doctor is trying a couple of medications again to try to help wake her up. I can tell she is getting frustrated at times trying to "talk". She is saying the M sound and at times the word Help. I was so blessed to have had my Mom, Dad and sister, Deree here with me this past week. It was bitter sweet....great being with them but sad because of the circumstances. I know Holli knew they were here and tried to let us know that in her own way. It was very hard for me to tell them good-bye. It has helped that her good friend from Nashville Wendi is here for the next several days. Holli and Wendi lived in the same neighborhood and found each other again several years ago. She has been a great support for me. I also have made some great friends here in San Francisco that has really been a comfort for me and is always looking out after me. I also want to wish my 89 year old Dad, Happy Father's Day. You are a great inspiration and I love you and Mom dearly. Well, Holli is finally asleep for the night so I guess I can also try to get some rest. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.


elbo350 said...

hi diane- you are have an amazing strength... a great mom! and your decision to move back to TN with holli is probably the best for each of you...

till your family visited you sounded very lonely... which makes me wonder even more... what happ'd to harrison?

paigereno said...

Harrison was in Venice doing the art boat for the past 6 weeks but he is now back in San Francisco.