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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Holli has been doing well with her liquids by spoon. She had apple juice which she seems to really like. I have noticed that when she smacks her lips together like she is chewing that she wants some liquids. I am sure that her mouth gets so dry. She has seemed more restless the last several days being more vocal and moaning more....is this a sign of her trying to wake up alittle more? It is so hard to tell if it is that or that she is just more uncomfortable and letting me know about it. I have to be her advocate and to communicate her needs which is not a easy task somedays. I hate to think she is uncomfortable and in pain. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement.


globalsoul said...

Your love and dedication are immense. I have tremendous admiration for you. Prayers & thoughts daily from me, Eliza's momfrom Utah
(and one who spent Christmas time joys with Hollis and my family in SF.)