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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quiet Day

Holli has been very quiet today. It was good to see her relaxed for the majority of the day, even when she was up in the chair for 3 hours she was sleeping. Tonight she had a group of about 50 of her friends that were on a bicycle run come riding by the hospital stop on the street below and yell up to Holli. It was great! She has such wonderful friends here in California. We just finished her acupunture tonight and the acupunturist doctors told me tonight that she is getting better. I know it is just small steps but I cling to those words of encouragement.


N said...

I cant believe I was just there (in SF) last week and found out about Holli's incident the day i got back...My heart dropped to the floor. I am praying for a super quick recovery. I know she can beat this. She is a very strong willed girl. If I come back into town in the next few weeks for business I would love to visit! - Nathan Brown

paigereno said...

We would love to have you visit us.