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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Post from Diane

Heather, Doug, Michelle (Holli's friend since 5th grade from Pheonix) and I were invited to Karen's home which is across from the ocean for Easter brunch. It was so nice. We went for a long walk down the beach with her, the dogs, Mark and her sister Gail and friend Ruth. It was a beautiful day here...sunny and only needing a light jacket. Doug and Michelle collected shells while we enjoyed seeing surfers, hang gliders and people and dog watching. We then went back to her home when her other sister from Syracuse, NY Donna arrived and had a delicous brunch. Karen said a beautiful toast celebrating Holli and how far she has come and to the near future of when she will awaken. She had both Doug and I in tears. I only wished Holli could have been there with us. We are now back in the hospital room with her. Michelle has gone back to Pheonix and Heather and Doug have gone to get some Mexican food for dinner. I am sad to think I only have one and a half day left with Heather and Doug before they head back to Tennessee. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I praise the Lord for all his blessing and love. Happy Easter


hila said...

Coming to the bay today to see dear Holli! Hope to see you...is there a way to get ahold of you all?

Here is my number

Much love and many blessings~


joypw said...

I'm sad they have to go home today, too. Call me when you can....or email. Love you.


Molly Stroud said...

We're praying for Holli's awakening. She's already a miracle! My love and support goes out to you, Heather, and Doug. Hang in there! Some days will be harder than others. God knows them all. I love you, auntie!


Bella Weddings said...

I've followed Holli's story since the 1rst day it was on the Nashville news.
Blessings & Prayers are lifted up daily.

Nashville, Tennessee