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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Holli's Day

Holli made up for her quiet day yesterday by being very vocal and restless today. She had a busy day. She worked with speech therapy this morning. As she was constantly moaning during the session her therapist started singing the ABC song, Holli stopped and listened quietly which is something she had not done before for the entire song. She sat up in the chair for 3 hours and then went to to the PT gym for her work out on the mat. That was the first time she had gone to their department. She was exhausted by the time she got back to the room. She had several visitors tonight....one from Canada who had met Holli 2 years ago at Burning Man. She was the one that organized the Canada benefit for Holli . I am touched by all the lovely friends that know and love Holli. She has finally gone to sleep so I will do the same.