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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Holli Update

Holli has been slowly progressing. She is now pumping both legs up and down in bed and trying to lift her head off the pillow at times during the day. She is vocalizing more making different sounds and showing more expression on her face. She definetly responds to certain voices by the way she moans and looks like she is going to cry. She is now sleeping at night with the help of sleeping medication. We have been trying to keep cool with the extreme warm weather the last 3 days. We don't have air condition but we do have 2 fans that have been a great help. It has been 8 weeks today since her accident. I know she has come a long way but that she also has a long way to go. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.


joypw said...

She is definately showing improvements. I know how anxious you are for her to wake up, but she is getting there...consiousness comes in small steps. Just keep taking a day at a time. I'll pray for your strength as well as Holli's. Love you.


joypw said...

Sounds like Holli is definately showing signs of improvement. I know how anxious you are for her to wake up....and she is getting there. Consiousness comes in small steps and I know she is working hard to come back to you. I will continue to pray for strenght for your endurance and peace for you as well. I will also pray for Holli's recovery. Just take a day at a time.....I love you very much.


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