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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good News!

Holli is starting to talk again. This Sunday Holli was trying her best to whisper something to me for about 45 minutes. It sounded like she was saying "forgive me". It was frustrating for us both because it was so faint that I had a hard time hearing her. Today when her sister, Heather, arrived Holli grabbed Heather's arm and pulled her to her mouth and said in a voice that you could hear "forgive me". Heather and I both reassured Holli that there is nothing to forgive and that we are here for her and that she is loved. It is exciting to know that she is on the edge of being able to communicate with us and will soon be able to tell us how she feels and her needs. I can't wait to hear what she remembers about her journey thus far. I have missed her voice.



Agent Chaos said...

That is just like Hollis to feel guilty for not doing anything for a while. How Silly! My thoughts are with you, Diane, and your reconnecting with your life and family down south. I will call sometime soon and you can put Holli on the phone. Love and Light to you both.

Tiffanie said...

beautiful. i am glad for you all.