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Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday, November 13,2009

It was great having Holli's friend, DA, from San Francisco here with us for 4 days. Holli really enjoyed him being here entertaining her as well as trying to figure out another way of communicating. Holli still tries at rare times to say something but it is so faint. She did tell her sister, Heather, the other night after Heather told her that she really needs to work hard in therapy....Holli told Heather "no problem"! It is usually now after she has her night time meds before she goes to sleep that she will try to talk. She continues to laugh more and more which is great. Sometimes as she is watching tv she sees something that tickles her and will laugh.

Well, as of today we are having to adjust to something new. Holli has a room-mate for the first time since her accident. I can tell that it is bothering her....she has gotten very quiet and solemn since her room-mate arrived. It is different having to share the room and having to be quieter and considerate of her needs too. I am sure that Holli will adjust but that it will take some time.
I bought Holli some high top tennis shoes for therapy....they are silver with pink shoe laces and trim....they are so Holli! Everyone in therapy love them.


Rob said...

I'm a friend of Eliza from Portland. Best wishes to Holli and family! There is a system Holli's neurologist could tell you if it might help: www.eyewriter.org. It is the type of effort that a group of university and tech volunteers could undertake as a volunteer project at no cost, adapting it for spelling or selecting words (in addition to drawing)!

It is a very new project, and open source means the software is free and can be customized for new applications by volunteers.