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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Needed to update you on Holli since she was in the hospital for in-patient rehab in August. Holli ended up getting a new J tube in her stomach because at that time she was not eating well. While in the hospital we changed her medications around and she now has a good appetite most days. She spent a month in out-patient rehab in October but is not getting rehab at the present time due to "running out of days" with Medicare for the year. They would schedule her two times a week but for 3 hours which she did not tolerate for that length of time. She would start off doing well but then get tired and agitated. Hopefully after the first of the year can get rehab again here at home. It worked better when PT, OT and speech would come on different days for only an hour each. We will see what happens next. This summer I was also able to purchase a used wheelchair van for Holli. It has been a blessing being able to take Holli to her appointments without having to depend on someone else. Holli is now feeding herself with her left hand. This is a small but "big" step for her. I do not have to give her any more continuous feedings at night. I supplement her feedings with bolus feedings if needed if she does not eat adequately. I usually give her one feeding at night to make sure she gets enough calories and vitamins for the day. I have found out that she loves chocolate milk. We bought her non-breakable, non-leak "sippie cups" which has worked out well. Holli got a notebook tablet from Mike Waggoner, a good friend, and his Sunday school class for Christmas. This way she can play games and other things to stimulate her brain. She and Heather have been playing "bowling" on Heather's phone lately and doing a good job bowling with her left hand. I need to find a bowling app for her so we can play. I pray that in 2013 that Holli will continue to improve. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for your continuing love, prayers and support. Diane


Na+han said...

Hi there,
My name is Nathan Brown and I am an old friend of Holli's. I have kept up with the posts and progress since I found out what happened a few years back and would love to visit and catch up with her very soon now that I am back in Nashville. She was a good friend and we also dated for quite awhile when we were younger. I only wish the best for that wonderful girl :)
What are the best times and days over the next few weeks? Please email me here: nathanbrown77@gmail.com
Hope all is well.