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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Holli In-patient Rehab

Holli was admitted to the in-patient rehab at Baptist Hospital on this past Monday for at least one week and hopefully for two. Yesterday, after only sleeping 2 hours, was her first day going to physical therapy twice, occupational therapy twice and then having a swallow test done. She did very well yesterday ,really working hard to do what the therapist asked of her. She was helping with her bath, trying to brush her hair and teeth in OT. In PT they had her sitting on the side of the bed and then the mat in the gym doing some reaching, stretching task. She was really tired after her last session of PT. Then the wound nurses came to put silver nitrate around her feeding tube site. I am sure it did not feel good to have that done to her. They put a dressing on and said that it needed to stay on to keep it dry and free of infection. Holli immediately started ripping the dressing off and continued to do so with every one I replaced. She was very agitated by that time and all of a sudden grabbed her feeding tube and ripped it out of her stomach!! We have attempted to give her crushed up medications in her food but the trouble is that she does not have an appetite. We have succeeded getting the very necessary meds down her but she is not drinking any liquids. They started IV fluids on her this afternoon and she is scheduled to have her feeding tube inserted tomorrow. Holli's day, today, started off with her being in a very bad and uncooperative mood. It has finally improved this afternoon. I hope she will be in better spirits tomorrow so she can get some benefit from her therapy. I also post updates on Caring Bridge. You can keep up with her progress on caringbridge.org/visit/hollihawthorne . I feel very sure that if we can get Holli's mood improved that she will do well with her intense therapy session. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Diane


hila granger said...

Sending positive thoughts filled with love and light!! I hope Holli's mood can stay focused on good things.... Hugs and kisses Holli!!! I love you! xoxoxo

Tiffanie said...

Big hugs from Tiffanie, Troy, and Anjali!
I'm glad to hear from you here; thank you for checking in on this blog. I appreciate your effort, Diane! :-)

Holli, I love you, and I am sending you healing thoughts and feelings around eating and food. Stay strong, woman! Allow for nurturance.
Blessings to you both this lovely Autumn time.

Julie said...

Try adding SAM-e & B vites to her regimen. Both are good methylators, which help througout hte body. SAM-e is a great, proven, natural anti-depressant with far fewer side effects than other anti-depressants. (Usually no side effects, unless one is already manic.) It also has the added benefits of reducing the risk of arthritis, and assisting liver health, which Holli may benefit from, seeing as she needs to process so many meds now. There are also meds to help with appetite, and try tastier liquids, such as thicker juices/nectars.

Julie said...

Here's some of the best info I've found on SAM-e - I take it all the time (with B's, which is key) and so does my husband ... very key to take it with multi B vites... also see the wikipedia page on it for more info


I started taking it when I was depressed - it changed my life... we often give t to musicians who quit taking coke to take this instead! So much healthier! We get the Vitacost brand online - cheapest.

Anonymous said...

Although I've followed Holli's recovery from the beginning, I haven't checked here in a while. Glad to see she is improving. I'll say a prayer for both of you.