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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shepards Center Evaluation

Tuesday Shepard's Center from Atlanta is sending a representative to evaluate Holli to see if she is a candidate for their facility. They are specialized in brain trauma patients and hopefully be able to help Holli progress with her rehab. Of course they have to get her insurance to agree with this move to Atlanta. I am praying that this door will be open to Holli so she can hopefully regain more use of her body. She is doing well with her talking and taking thickening liquids and yogurt. She has been having a very hard time the past several months with severe leg cramps and spasms that causes her to get very agitated at times and other times to cry. We have been trying different medications to try to control her discomfort but she still has been having several rough days lately. It breaks my heart to see her suffering and upset. Please keep Holli in your thoughts and prayers.



Shannon E. Kennedy said...

Holding Holli in my heart!

Anonymous said...

A contented mind is a perpetual feast. ....................................................

Tiffanie said...

praying for you all!
i am smiling reading about Holli's cravings for the yummy stuff! fried chicken does sound good! : )

Tiffanie, Troy, and Anjali