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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Holli Sings!!!

I am on cloud nine!! In the last week Holli is starting to talk more and more. Yesterday while Heather, her sister, was with her they called me at home and put Holli on the phone. She said "Hi Mom" and "I love you". Today I have been with her and she has said no and yes when I asked her several questions very loud and clear when she was up in the chair. Once we got her back in the bed I asked her could she say her name....she said Holli. I asked her could she say Hawthorne and she said it very clearly. It is not all the time she is talking but it is happening more and more without her sleeping medication. She has said several more words and short sentences today. Tonight when her sister, Heather, came by to see Holli, we got her abc letters out and Holli would say the words that Heather was spelling. I decided to try and see if she could sing the ABC song. She started immediately when I began and did not miss a letter! Of course we had to sing it several times!!!I feel so blessed that this is finally happening and prayers are being answered.

Along with this blessing I am saddened by the loosing of a dear friend last week, Mark ,who was Harrison's Mom's love for so many years. He was such a wonderful man who loved Karen and her family dearly. He was so kind to me while I was there in San Francisco. I will truly miss him. I send my love and prayers to Karen , Harrison and Riley during this difficult time in their lives.



paigereno said...

Just a brief update....Holli is now singing the ABC song with me!!!!

Tiffanie said...

How exciting!!!
Yay, Holli!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a magickal story that proves just how strong willed Holli is. We love you Holli. Love Holly & Heather