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Friday, January 29, 2010


Holli and I are enjoying our big snow tonight. We already have several inches and they are calling for it to snow until tomorrow morning. We have not had significant snowfall like this in a long time here in Nashville. I will be spending the night with Holli and sleeping in a chair. I know I will not get much sleep tonight.
Holli has been doing so well with her talking. She usually greets everyone that comes in the room and is usually so polite. At times she can get very angry and shakes her fist or says inappropriate words. When I ask her why she is angry , she will calm down and say...."I don't know". I know this is a part of her brain injury and that we will have to not take it personally when she says or acts inappropriately. She has also been taking alittle nourishment by mouth and doing well. She only wants a couple of spoonfuls at a time but at least this is a start. It is so much fun being able to talk and sing with her. She loves singing along with her music on her Ipod. She still enjoys watching the Simpsons and Friends and laughing every evening. I read her a book tonight that was really funny that really made her laugh hard. What sweet music to my ears!