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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Holli continues to smile and laugh whenever someone says or does something funny. It is so great to see her happy and to hear sounds when she gets really tickled. The therapy team as well as the staff are so thrilled that Holli is smiling and laughing. She has really made progress this past month since we have been home. There is less tone in her extremities and neck. She is consistent with moving her left arm for yes answers and keeping it still for no. I can't wait until she can verbally tell us the answers.

After several days of gloomy and rainy weather we are having a beautiful sunny day. Holli and I went outside and enjoyed the great weather. I can't wait to see the leaves change colors. After all the rain we got this past month we should have a beautiful fall. The nights are getting cooler but the day time temps are nice. I hope it stays that way for awhile so Holli can go outside and enjoy the fresh air.

I am going to Chattanooga, Tn tomorrow for my nephew's wedding so Holli's dad and family will be staying with her until I return. I am looking forward to being with my family since I will not get home for the holidays. I will be here with Holli during those times. This will be like a mini vacation for us. The first one since last Thanksgiving. I will miss being with Holli but I know she will be taken good care of while I am away.