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Sunday, September 13, 2009

1st Week at Madison Healthcare and Rehab

Can't believe we have been home for a week. Holli seems to be adapting to her new environment. She is in a semi-private room but does not have a room mate at this time so we have a big room. I hope it stays that way so Holli can get her rest and have her quiet times. Physical and Occupational therapy are really excited about Holli and how she works really hard to do what is asked of her. I am so happy that she will be getting therapy 5 days a week and that they are being aggressive with her. That is exactly what she needs. My husband, Doug, decorated her room with the pictures, posters, etc. that was in her room at St. Luke's hospital. She can look on her wall next to her bed and see pictures of her friends back in San Francisco.
As for me, I am so happy to be home with my family and sleeping in a real bed! I usually come out everyday for now except Tuesdays, Heather stays with Holli, and stay until she gets her sleeping medication and sound asleep. I always have her music playing softly encase she wakes up during the night. It is hard for me to leave her but I know it is what I must do to keep myself going . I thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you and Hollis made the journey home without incident. It's great that you're both getting more of what you need in TN: rigorous PT for Hollis and some change of environment and emotional support for you. I was honored to meet you in SF and you, Hollis and your family remain very much in my thoughts. Best wishes for well-being and miracles in the next stage of your journey.
- Hilary