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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Up Date

Sorry it has taken me so long to post on the blog. After Holli was evaluated for Shephard's Center it was decided that she needed some things evaluated before she does in-patient therapy. Back in March she was admitted to the hospital for 3 days to have a Baclofen trial. Each day she was given an injection into her spinal column of baclofen to see how her body responded. It was increased each day for 3 days. It was decided that she could benefit from having a baclofen pump implant to get the continuous infusion. That was done several weeks later. We can tell that her muscles are more relaxed and not as much muscle spasm and tone. We recently purchased a used wheelchair converted van so now Holli and I can go to her appointments without having to depend on other transportation. She does not do well out in public and gets agitated easily. Now that we don't have to wait at least an hour to get picked back up from her appointments, makes it so much better on both of us. It is hard having to depend on other people getting you to your appointments on time. It has been a very hot summer so we are not able to take Holli outside during the day very much unless we have to go somewhere. We are just trying to stay cool. We have finally been able to get occupational therapy coming to see Holli along with her physical therapy and speech therapy. To say the least, she stays busy during the week with everyone coming and going. She loves her male therapist and is always happy to see them. She is such a flirt!! Out biggest problem right now is Holli has no appetite and getting her to eat anything has been a challenge. She will cover her mouth with her hand and refuse to even try to eat. We cut back on her nightly tube feeding trying to get her to eat during the day. We will see her doctor in a couple of weeks and at that time discuss her getting in-patient therapy soon. Please keep her in your prayers as we face hopefully the next step in her recovery. I will try to do better about updating the blog. Diane