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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve-10 months

Today marks the 10th month anniversary of Holli's accident but today we also celebrate Christmas Eve. Holli has started the last couple of days to move her left leg really fast, like she is shaking it. Yesterday she was doing this while in bed and fell out of bed on her knees. There was no one in the room with her at that time. The nurse heard someone yelling "HELP" and came into the room to find it was Holli!!!! Thank goodness she was not hurt but it is also great to know that when in distress that she was able to call out and SAY help!!!! She is also getting into the agitated stage of her injury. She seems to loose her patience very easily and will definitely let you know she does not want to be bothered. Thank goodness you can still get her to smile and laugh when she is not tired or agitated. My mom and dad, sister, Joy and niece, Jill with her two boys are coming up from Mississippi on Sunday for a couple of days to see us. It will be great to be with family and I know Holli will be glad to see them. I wish all of Holli's friends and family and all that have sent their prayers and thoughts to Holli this past 10 months a Very Merry Christmas from the both of us. God bless each and everyone of you.



All I want this Christmas is Holli's full recovery. She and those close to her are in my prayers.

paigereno said...

That is all I want for Christmas too!!! Thanks for the prayers.

JewelD said...

hey, do you guys know about Dyna-Splint? I use them on my Mom (in a wheelchair, w/ Alzheimers) to help keep her legs straight /flexible, and also on her hand to help straighten/keep her fingers flexible. Mostly we apply these at night.

They can really help/speed therapy, since they don't require the patient understanding or following commands.

We have had a lot of success with ours (had ours since 2004). Covered under Medicare/Medicaid.

They are based out of San Diego.

take care,

Julie Dole
Santa Monica
(Knew Holli via Do Lab/ Lucent Dossier in LA)

JewelD said...

PS re Dynasplint & therapy - I notice you said holli's right arm is locked up. My Mom's hand was liek like, and the same physical therapists who turned us on to Dynasplint turned us on to the use of Botox injections to loosen up locke/ paralyzed limbs.

We used a great doctor at Cedars Sinai - a pain specialist - Dr. Kennith Paresa. Here's the page for the Pain Center:

take care,
Julie Dole